The almost-1-year Celebration between Ken and Me, a.k.a My Review of Kenwood Prospero KM266

Review of Kenwood Prospero Kitchen Machine KM266 – 06/05/2012

Kenwood Prospero (Source:

“…If space is at a premium

or you’re taking your first steps into food prep

and are looking for a simple machine full of functions that will give confidence

then Prospero is right for you…”

This is a post that was supposed to be written down a long, long time ago.

Some might know how long I have planned.

My oh my, shame on me! :”>

Anyway, late is better than never, right?

So finally, here is my review of my Kitchen Machine: Kenwood Prospero KM266.

Wow, such a long boring title, and very machinery-like one. No good, this particular kitchen machine that I want to talk to you about to day is not just any kitchen machine, it’s MY faithful and hardworking kitchen machine. So let’s call “him” Ken, like Barbie boy Ken ;). And here is not just another review of a machine any more, it is a story of how I chose Ken as my companion, how we get along together, my reveals of what is his strengths and weaknesses, how I feel about working with him, and if I would recommend you to meet him, too.


So let the almost-1-year celebration of a long-term friendship between Ken and me begin.

The story how I met Ken is quite complicated. It all started about one year ago, last summer vacation. My handheld mixer refused to work. I bought it when I first started baking 3 years ago. I worked great, especially when it was from a secondhand store for 5 euros, worth every cent. Here is an picture of my old, loyal friend.

My old loyal Handheld Mixer

It is a 150W old Elram handheld mixer, with whisks and dough hooks attachments. We did not want to spend too much on baking equipment because I hadn’t decided if my new baking hobby then was any serious. It had worked perfectly well with most of my pastry baking. However, since I started bread baking, and using the dough hooks to knead the dough, it had refused to be taken advantage of. Its symptoms were smoky smell when used; stop operating without notice, and not working when turned on. I knew then it was time for us to say goodbye and I should on my quest to look for a new partner.

At first, I wanted to buy a new handheld mixer at around 30 euros. It suddenly struck my head that now with my frequent rate of baking, I might need something more than just another little handheld mixer. Furthermore, it was in the middle of summer then, I have saved up some money from my part-time jobs. Maybe, I could afford something a little better now, maybe, my first self-bought stand mixer.

YAY! A new stand mixer it would be!

So I narrowed the list down to my 2 dreamy kitchen machine brand, Kitchen Aid and Kenwood. Then I continued to think, a Kitchen Aid is breath-taking beautiful, but a little costly, do not have many attachments, and only support 110V electricity. As long as I live in Finland, that seems to be not a good choice. I set my mind on a Kenwood mixer. Then I watched this video on YouTube advertising for Kenwood light stand mixer series for beginners.

And I was in love, love, and love. It is a very versatile kitchen machine with all kind of attachments and with very reasonable price too. What I am looking for more? Ok, a Prospero, I want a Prospero, it was decided. While searching for it, I came across a site advertising their new promotion on a Kenwood Prospero KM263. It has 3 basic attachments for baking, plus 3 additions: blender, processor, and meat grinder for 199e. And then I searched out another one, a Kenwood Prospero KM 266 with 6 addition attachments: blender, processor, meat grinder, citrus presser, and juicer for 239e. Humm, one additional attachment for Prospero is sold separately at 50e each. And I am a very greedy person; I want to have it all! Humm, what should I choose?

Of course, a Kenwood Prospero KM 266 with 6 addition attachments, LOL!

So I paid for it and waited exactly 7 days to have it delivered to my apartment. It was on 18/08/2011. Here is when I opened the 11kg box.

Upper level

Upper level: Whisk, dough hook, flat beater attachments, juicer cup and cup holder, meat grinder and its components, citrus presser, and a catalogue with warranty paper and a recipe CD.

Base level

Base level:  Stand mixer body, blender, food processor, and juicer attachments.

I was checking everything, making sure there are no faults in my new mixer. Well, everything looked fine. Blender, checked. Processor, checked. Juicer, checked. Mixer body, checked, oh wait, what is this? AAAHHH, it is a scratch, a 2-centimeter scratch on my new mixer body! O.M.G! Why! Why! Why! Look at this one ugly scratch, urg!

My 30 euros Scratch

I immediately contacted the provider and they offered me a 30e discount on this small flaw if I keep the machine. Wow, didn’t see that’s coming. I was gonna ask for a replacement, but think, if I get this 30e discount, then its final price gonna be only 209e and it was just a small scratch. Hey, great deal! I gladly accepted the offer. 🙂

So that’s the story how I met my new partner! And we live happily every after.

The End.


Ahaha, wait, of course there is more in this post. I have not reviewed anything about my little friend Ken. Ok, here it goes.

Here is some general technical specification of Ken: (Reference:

Kenwood Prospero (Source:

General specifications

  • Body material: Plastic
  • Bowl material: Brushed stainless steel
  • Bowl tool material: Coated
  • Color: Silver
  • Size (cm): 31.5L x 24W x 28.5H
  • Speed: Variable
  • Wattage: 900W
  • Weight: 4.98kg


  • Bowl size: 4.3L
  • Capacity – cake: 1.6kg
  • Capacity – dough: 500g
  • Capacity – egg whites: 8
  • Capacity – flour for pastry: 450g


  • Dough hook
  • K-beater
  • Whisk
  • 1.5l Blender
  • 1.2l Food processor, with 3 blades
  • Citrus Presser
  • Meat grinder, with 2 screens
  • Juicer, with 0.5l cup
  • Spatula
  • Splash guard


  • Cord storage: Yes
  • Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
  • Safety interlock: Yes
  • CD Recipes Collection: Yes
  • Instruction catalog: Yes


Below is my review about each and every attachment of my friend Ken:

Dough hook

This attachment is use to knead yeasted and non-yeasted dough into elastic consistency. I use it in baking bread mostly. It is not a spiral dough hook like those of bigger fancier stand mixers; it has shape of a big C letter. It works from speed 1 to 3.

Dough hook

I am very pleased with this attachment. It kneads dough very effectively and quickly comparing to bigger stand mixer. I once have a chance to work with a Kenwood Chef Mixer in a friend’s house, using a bread recipe that I have done at home. My Ken kneaded this bread dough in about 7 minutes to desired gluten development. Surprisingly enough, the spiral dough hook of the other bigger mixer took almost 10 minutes to reach the same stage. 🙂

It, however, does not work well with high hydration dough. The dough tends to slip out of the hook’s reach, lead to ineffective mixing.


It is the special name for flat beater of Kenwood machines. This attachment is used to cream butter, mix cakes, cookie dough, piecrust, quick breads and biscuits. Basically, you can use it for anything that requires mixing or beating at a low to medium high-speed setting. I also cream potatoes with the flat beater, to create smooth lump free mashed potatoes. The construction of the beater also allows me to fold the additions into the batter such as dried fruits or nuts. It works from speed 1 to 6.


I love this attachment. I used to use the whisks of a handheld mixer to mix my cake batter. Do it no more since I have Ken and his wonderful K-beater! My cakes and muffins and cupcakes now cannot be any fluffier. 🙂 With the K-beater, everything is quick and more important, lump-free. I also use K-beater to strengthen up the meat or fish paste for my Vietnamese recipes. Used to use a wooden spoon and a lot of effort! Good-bye to over-muscular arms, thanks to Ken!


This attachment resembles a big balloon with stainless steel wire structure. This is used to whip cream, egg whites and delicate cake batters that need a lot of air incorporated into them like angel food and sponge cake, whipping boiled frosting, meringue and homemade mayonnaise. It works from speed 1 to 6, but the higher the speed; the more of air is being introduced into the batter. So I usually use it from speed 3 to speed 6.


I did not like this attachment. To be more precise, I do not like working with Ken in this matter because it never reach to the very bottom of the mixing bowl. He works well from 3 to 8 egg whites. More or less than that is impossible to handle. It goes the same with whipping cream. He does not perform very well with little amount of cream, for instance, less than 250ml of cream. It a huge minus, I think since my proportion of recipes always smaller than normal level. Therefore, I have to switch to my old handheld mixer every time I use less than 2 egg whites. Other than that, work like a charm when making big batches of Swiss buttercream or Pavlova.

1.5l Blender

This plastic attachment connects to the high-speed outlet of the mixer. It comes with removable blades at the bottom of the tube. It is used to make smoothies, pate’, puree soup. It has 6-speed variable for those and 1 purse option for crushing ice or nuts.

Blender attachment

Personally, I think this attachment works like a charm at making smoothies and cocktails; my soup is velvet-smooth too. In addition to that, I usually use my blender to make fresh soy milk  But I do not recommend it for crushing ice or nuts, especially in small amount. I have encounter problems in this matter.

For instance, I tried to crush ice and solely ice cubes and the blender failed to perform, its blades cannot stir the ice up side down, resulting in crushed ice at the bottom and the same cubes on top. My suggestion for this is to crush ice with a little of cold water, crush ice to satisfying consistency and then discard the water.

This blender is also not so good at chopping nuts. I used it once or twice and have given up on that function since. Using this blender, I could not control the texture of my chopped nuts and furthermore; coursed chopped pieces tend to stick on the side of the tube while being chopped, leaving a hollow core with blades running for nothing. 😦 I wish Ken had a glass mill attachment for this kind of work.

Blender component

Some reviewers on the Internet has complaint about how the bottom blade component stick to the outlet when they tried to remove the blender out of the machine, leaving messes of hot soup or smoothies to be cleaned. I have never encounter this problem so far. I feel that the bottom blade component locked very well with the tube, when correctly sealed.

1.2l Food processors

This attachment comes with a 1.2l plastic bowl, an S knife blade, three stainless steel reversible vegetable and cheese cutting discs (thick-thin slicing, rough-course shredding, and rasping). It is used to process vegetable, meat and cheese like its name indicated. It connects to the low medium-speed outlet of the mixer. It has 6-speed variable for those and 1 purse. It has 2 different sized inlets, suitable for different sizes of vegies and stuff.

Food processor attachment

I use it to, of course, cutting my vegie and cheese. Furthermore, I use it to make hummus, salad dressing, pesto paste, and cookies dough. Personally, I think it has worked very well, not greatly though. I once used it to make very fine meat paste for a Vietnamese ham recipe, and guess what, the paste came under the blade, out of the tube and almost into the outlet until I luckily found out. What an exhausting cleaning up after that! 😦

This food processor attachment seems not very capable of dealing with a little amount of food. For instance, when I shredded carrot for my carrot cake, about a cm of carrot left wandering on top of the shredding dish un-shredded. The same goes with cheese, always a little left unprocessed. The bowl also a bit large for small amount of food I usually want to process.

Food Processor components

It did not chop nuts very well either, once I used it (after failed attempts with the blender), the nuts seemed to enjoy a trip around the bowl wall rather than being chopped. 😉

I, nevertheless, not very often use this attachment to prepare food for daily consume. Since the amount of food I use is rather small and manageable by hand cutting, comparing to all the time and effort of cleaning all the components after used.

Citrus Presser

It is not a brand new attachment, rather than a plus to the food processor. You can see it in the picture that it only has 1 component. The name speaks for itself. This attachment is used to squeeze the juice out of citrus fruits such as: lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits, and so on. It connects to the low medium-speed outlet and speed variable from 1 to 6.

Citrus Presser attachment

I frequently use this attachment to make fresh orange juice during hot summer time or during the orange seasons, other than that, nothing more. It does deserve a better home, of who enjoy fresh squeezed juice daily, than mine since it works beautifully in its jobs.

Citrus Presser components

Meat grinder, with 2 screens

This attachment includes a grinder body, a blade, and 2 screens, 1 rough and 1 course, used to grind meat into fine pieces. It connects to the same speed outlet as the first 3 attachments, used at variable speed from 1 to 6.

Meat Grinder attachment

Some may ask why you need a meat grinder anyway; just buy grounded meat from the supermarket! I highly disagree. I always like to grind my own meat if possible. First of all, it’s safer. Prepackaged meat can be of leftovers from hundreds, even thousands of animals in one package. This means that you’ve got to be extra careful when cooking with prepackaged ground meat and have to deal with high risk of contamination. 😦

Secondly your own-grounded meat does have better flavor and texture. Unless you live in towns full of really great butchers, you’re stuck with whatever ground meat quality the supermarket has on hand, regardless of the fat content and the coarseness of the meat. Grinding meat at home allows your control all those things. Furthermore, grinding meat fresh lets you keep it nice and loose, improving both moisture levels, and texture after cooking.

Meat Grinder components

So why not starting grinding your own meat right now? I love my meat grinder attachment. It has worked great for my sake. One notice is that it must be washed immediately after used and the blade and screens component must be fully dry, then lightly oil-coated and keep in paper like above, otherwise, they will stained

Juicer, with 0.5l cup

It is a centrifugal juicer with a 0.5l cup included. It connects through the high-speed outlet like the blender, and used at speed 3. As its name, again, it is used to squeeze fresh juice out of fruit and vegetable. Many scientific researches and million articles out there have shown great impact of drinking fresh juice to human’s health. So I should not to repeat the obvious, shouldn’t I?

Juicer attachment

I do not usually make juice from juicer; I rather enjoy the full-of-fiber smoothies. But when it comes to vegetable juice, this attachment is my savior because basically, raw vegies have very hard texture even when blended.

After extracting the juice out of the vegies or fruit, do not throw the leftover pulp away. Though it tends to be dry and lacking in flavor, the pulp has lots of fiber and it seems a shame not to eat it. Here are some interesting ideas to use pulp: Sweet cakes, savory cakes, salads, dehydrator crackers or pasta sauce.

Juicer components

However, this juicer attachment has 2 minor minuses. Firstly, it is hard to remove the pulp holder component from the juicer if you don’t know how to do it precisely. Secondly, the pulp holder is quite small and does not have any exit vent, so you have to frequently discard the pulp out, which will lead to minus no.1. 😛 Furthermore, it is quite noisy when the pulp holder is almost full.

Ok, that’s all 7 attachment that I have and use. 🙂


Here is my overall review of Ken:

Some special features I love about Ken:

Safety interlock – This is golden. I once saw an article about how children hurt themselves severely when left playing with a normal blender or food processor without adult supervision. It frightened me to my death. However, NO more unwanted cuts with my friend Ken, YAY! This super feature is a system of interlocks to protect users’ safety. For instance, the blender will not operate unless the lid and the bottom are correctly locked. It is the same with every component of Ken like processor, juicer, whisk, etc. So carelessness is more tolerable with Ken. One minus is that sometimes, he did not turn on due to one mis-interlocking somewhere, and you have to check and relock everything. Well, I can live with that, and my 10 unharmed fingers. 🙂

Planetary mixing motion – is the huge plus for every Kenwood kitchen machine. My Ken always operates with two separate and combined rotational movements of the tools inside of the bowl. Like in this image.

Planetary Mixing Motion

This dual movement allows the gear to rotate while moving within the container by mixing and amalgamating any type of dough or batter and reducing the mixing time and the formation of lumps.

Variable Speed – It also has 6-speed machining, to which is added the planetary movement of the tools when mixing or kneading, together with practical pulse function, when necessary, to give a power, rapid and intense strokes.

Small size – He is quite small actually, but fit perfectly under the counters in my tiny kitchen. The small capacity of the mixing bowl also fit with my baking habit. I do not bake a lot at once because I usually bake for myself, although enjoy baking a lot, do not prefer eating the results so much.

Quite large variety of attachment – well, I have written about his attachments for almost 5 pages now, so that should explain how I like this about him.

Prospero Attachment Collection (source:


Some features I do not like about Ken:

Plastic and light-weighed body – My first impression of Ken is that he seems not very robust with his plastic body. His light-weighed body also a minus because sometimes when I knead my bread dough, Ken almost moves around a bit. Some jokes that Kenwood Prospero does know how to dance on the kitchen counter and give advice to watch him very closely while he is operating or else, he will end up on the floor. 😦

Loud Noise – He does create quite loud noise when operating. It almost made me if there was anything wrong with him the first times I worked with Ken. But yeah, I get used to it. 🙂

Plastic attachment – The plastic blender and food processor attachments are definitely not so tempting either, but acceptable. Be very careful when working with plastic component of Ken, because they are very scratch-able. My hard lesson is once I used a metal spoon to get something out of my blender and, ahhh, I made a visible scratch on its wall. 😦 I suggest to use only plastic or rubbery or silicon utensils for these delicate guys.


Well, that’s basically it. 🙂 Phew!

After all, I totally satisfied with what I get comparing to what I paid. If I have to make the choice all over, I would still go for Ken.

I have worked with Ken for almost 1 year now and would recommend it to any beginners out there, whoever are short of space or just starting out, you’ll need a small and simple kitchen machine that does it all like my Ken.

Kenwood Prospero (source:

So, how is your kitchen partner (technically speaking, machine) working?


21 thoughts on “The almost-1-year Celebration between Ken and Me, a.k.a My Review of Kenwood Prospero KM266

  1. The all in one machine for the kitchen. Quite exited to see the features and accessories it comes with The all rounder fir the kitchen. Thanks for sharing that video in between. 🙂


  2. Hello. As I told you in my comment on another post, I recently purchased a kenwood prospero mixer km 283 and today while using the food processor attachment, something terrible happened 😦
    I wanted to make some mince meat and I used about 350g beef (the max quantity being 400g). The machine kind of made horrible noises and was not able to properly mince the meat ! But that’s not all. While washing the food processor bowl I noticed some bad(very bad) grooves that the blade made all along the walls of the bowl!!!
    The bowl has become unusable because I wouldn’t risk having small pieces of plastic in my food. I feel so sad and mad at the same time.
    Do you think this is a manufacturing fault or maybe I made some mistake ? I really cannot understand. I don’t know if this is covered in the guarantee, I have yet to phone the shop where I purchased my kenwood.
    Anyway, I also wanted to let you know that I tried your 100% whole wheat bread but I guess I’d better tell you about that some other time. This comment is already so long. Thank you.
    Sorry to ask but I don’t seem to find an email add on your blog. Is it possible to email you ?
    Take care, bye.


    • Hi Shoba,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your bad accident. I think you should contact your shop immediately. 😦 Guarantee or not… My Ken has been a very useful fellow in almost all of my kitchen works, though I usually mince meat with my meat mincer attachment. However, I couldn’t think of anything wrong with using a food processor instead.

      I’m sorry because I couldn’t be more helpful. Feel free to contact me at . Cheer up there, and let me know about the whole-wheat bread if you have time.

      All the best,



      • Hi, it’s me again. I just wanted to give an update on my situation. I did contact the shop but unfortunately the customer care service was useless. But more than useless they were a real pain. In such a situation u’d at least expect some help, some compassion but no, all they could say was that the meat I had used must have had bone in it!!! What the heck? Anyway, I’ve even contacted the ” consumer protection unit ” of my country to help in getting some kind of help, like maybe giving me a refund for the new bowl ( ’cause after seeing that they would not be hearing anything, I decided to buy another bowl). I’m sorry if this is getting long. Ok, so after a lot of useless arguing with them and a lots of trips back and forth to the shop and their repair centre, today I decided to mince some more meat to see what is wrong. Guess what ??
        Well, I WAS WRONG!! I realised that I had been cutting the meat too big. In the instructions booklet it is recommended to cut the meat into 2 cm cubes before processing in the food processor.
        So, to cut this long story short , I believe if you follow instructions carefully, there shouldn’t be any problem with ken…
        I learned my lesson the hard way,


        • Hi Shoba,

          I’m sorry to hear that you have gone through too many troubles with this unfortunate event… But look on the bright side, a good lesson is learned anyway and we now know how to take care of our Kens better, do we?

          So I hope you cheer up soon and continue your great journey in the kitchen. Let’s keep in touch!



  3. I’m *so* excited, having just got my first ever mixer, the prospero, for £99 in a Sainsburys special offer!! Yaaaaaaaay! Only have the standard 3 attachments and blender, so a little envious of your amazing kit, hehe!

    So, I’ve literally just used it, for the first time, to make spelt rolls (another first, I’ve never made bread before!) I’m worried I haven’t kneaded it long enough with the dough hook (it’s having its first rise just now), it could be paranoia, I think it got to the right elastic consistency after only a few mins and it was just stuck on the hook so I took it out… I read that spelt flour doesn’t need as long..fingers crossed! Will soon find out x


    • Hi Sian,

      Thank you for sharing such exciting news. Congrats on a new kitchen partner, that’s what I always think of my Ken. 🙂

      You are not paranoia, I was stunned too fist time I see my Ken kneaded the dough to perfection.

      However, you should check the dough gluten development by the windowpane test, just in case. If the dough is not well-developed yet but got sticked around the hook, just stop Ken, use your hand to push down the dough, turn it on for a few minutes, and continue the same process if needed.

      Cannot wait to hear more from you,



  4. Really nice and useful review.
    I was looking for a kitchen machine and thanks to this review I moved for the Prospero KM266.
    It just arrived home, I only had the time to unpack it. Everything seems OK, only problem is that I didn’t find the CD with recipes. Do you know if it is possible go get somewhere an electronic copy of that CD?


    • Hi Paolo, welcome to the family. 🙂 I hope you will enjoy your new kitchen partner as much as I do.

      About the recipe CD, I think you should first contact your retailer to inform them about this matter, and request it from them, as it is in your right to have it in the package. Keep me updated with this.



      • I’ve not yet tested it in all his potential and accessories but I’m really satisfied for the moment. Only issue is that it’s quite noisy… but I was prepared and, to be honest, it is not a main problem.

        Speaking about the CD… I did contact but they replied that in their product description the CD is not included, so they can’t do nothing about it :(. Funny thing is that in the same product description they include a spatula that is not in the Ken’s box… the end of the story is that for the “missing” spatula, they returned me 10 euro 😀

        Any other suggestion (or solution) for the CD?



        • Hi Paolo,

          How is it going with your Ken? 🙂 I hope everything works great between you two.

          I agree with your comment, has a funny way of handling matters like this. I am sorry I could not be more helpful with the missing CD, how abt contacting the Kenwood store in town, give them your Ken’s serial or something to ask to it?



  5. Hi Rose!
    This is another Barbie in love with Ken, haha
    I bought it last monday, but I haven’t found any recipe to make bread.
    Could you tell me how you do it?
    Regards from Spain!


  6. do u have a problem in starting or turning on the equipment? just bought km266 3 days ago.and to my disappointment, it does not turn on immediately..u need to pulse before it work up to max..and sometimes stops after few seconds.pls advise


    • Hi Nice,

      As for me, I have no problem turning on my Ken. This machine has an interlock system that requires every lockto be in its position before it can be turned on properly. Have you check the locks before turning it on? Mixer can take a little while to increase its speed to max, also. That’s why the producer always advice us to turn on the speed gradually, not immediately off to max.
      This is as far as I know. If these couldn’t help you, you can contact your seller for more information on this matter. Sorry, I could not be more helpful.



  7. Hi Rose,
    i stumbled upon your blog when i was googling for kenwood km266 pic 😀 thanks for a thorough review!
    i’m still contemplating between km 260, 262 and 266.. i’m a greedy person too, wanting to have many attachments hahaha.. but maybe i’ll just get 262 as i don’t really need the last 3 pieces above-mentioned. will drop by when i get my own Ken..
    have a great weekend, cheers from spain 🙂



  8. Hi. I read thouroughly your nice review, and I have something to ad as personal experince of 15 days of owning my own Ken! 🙂
    I have succeed in mixing very well in hard peaks consistency 2 egg whites and 200 ml of cream.

    The food processor is fine to chop at a minumum of 2 garlic cloves.

    And as you are, I’m too very pleased with my choice.


    • Hi Rafalea, Thank you for stopping by. 🙂 Could you share the way to whip 2 egg whites and 200ml cream plz, I kinda desperate to switch to hand mixer every time I use that small amount. 😉



      • Hi Rose, sorry to take so long to answer you but I wasn’t aware of your questions.

        Regarding the egg whites I can even beat one and a half egg white. You have to have patience. The egg white as to be room temperature, ad a pinch of salt and use the wisk at speed 4 for 1 or 2 minutes. When the foam forms increase to speed 6 and beat for a couple f minutes. You’ll see how the consistency will alter.

        About the heavy cream, I always use 35% fat cream. I make sure it is perfectly cooled. And again is a question of patience. It is not as fast in both cases as with a hand mixer it’s true, but our dear Ken beats very well everything.

        I hope I helped a bit.


        • Never mind the lateness, Rafaela. 🙂 I am very glad that you reply. I will try to utilize our dear Ken by following your instruction, then I let you know how it comes out.

          Thank you so much for the instruction. Let’s keep in touch! 😀



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