Finland (2009-2012) – Thank you! and Goodbye!

I will be leaving Finland late tonight, for Home. 🙂

So now in this post, I just want to say a proper goodbye and a sincere thank-you to Finland and all kind people and friends that I have the honor to meet during these last three and a half years. I am grateful for every moment we had… These sweet memories I shall never forget. ♥ And goodbye, I know we will meet again, it is a small world after all. 🙂

I wish you well.

Home sweet home, here I come. >D< My heart shall soon be whole again. A chapter has passed, comes the new one, wish myself lots of luck and passion to live a happy and meaningful life.

As for this blog, don’t worry my dear readers and friends, I will still be here, as active as possible, and as long as you can stand me and my “legendary” long posts… 😉 So, you guys will still see this Vietnamese gal around! 😀

Good night!

One last time… From Finland, with lots of love, many hugs and hundred kisses,


5 thoughts on “Finland (2009-2012) – Thank you! and Goodbye!

  1. Thank you all for your wishes, I have arrive home safe and sound. 🙂 Have just enrolled to my dream baking course in Vietnam, the very first step to my new chapter. I will keep you updated with this in the next posts.

    P/s thisislemonade: of course I will be missing Finland, like a lot, thank you for asking. They have been the best three and a half years of my life.



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