Something about Me

You can call her Rose.

A Cancer, Vietnamese, 25 – year – old (officially, yay~) girl, who simply falls head over heels for eating good, baking well, and roaming free. On her spare time between work, family, and other important matters, she loves creating messes in her little kitchen, feeding others around with (hopefully) good stuffs. She has this little knack for the unusual, a love for paradoxes, a wanderlust, and a healthy obsession for the Sun, the Green, and the Blue.

She did not cook a lot back then. But for academic purposes, in 2009, for the first time of her life, she was so far away from home, and have to do it by herself. Well, it was a hard time. Then, it is now a hard time, really, keeping her away from the kitchen. Then came 2014, the year when her wandering began, with herself, good friends, and some special encounters as companions, she roamed the less-known paths of UK, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Vietnam. As the wanderlust alarmingly grows stronger everyday, she doubts the frequency and intensity of her travel are going to be lessened anytime soon.

This is Simply a Blog, just like millions of those out there. For her to post favorite recipes collected around, sharing the joy of cooking, nibbling good food, and yapping her tall tales of foreign lands.

Nothing is random, or is everything? She is grateful that our paths cross.

Life is short, Food is good, new Adventures awaits. Why not worry less, and enjoy more?

If there is a next time,


65 thoughts on “Something about Me

  1. Hi Rose,
    Am Pallavi, from Delhi, India.
    Really loved ur blog…Read it first time today… Tanjhong one…just luvd the way u simplified the entire bread making process.
    Have tried baking breads..On stove..N now in a convection microwave…Last I tried a 1/2 WWF n 1/2 MPF…Was soft…But heavy…Will try water roux method n see the results.
    I also got enticed by the idea of adding lecithin in baking…So called for liquid Soya lecithin…Was contemplating whether to use it with roux or separately…U suggest pls



  2. Hey Rose,

    Found your blog when desperately looking for tips on croissants! Your journey has probably inspired something in me that may ruin my life, all in search for that perfect crumb… Your tips are really thorough 🙂 thanks and keep up the good work! x


  3. Hi Rose, stumbled upon your blog through social media FB. I love your blog and your passion for food. I am so inspired because I am a “clumsy cook” but learning to be a “less clumsy” one. 🙂 Great blog!


  4. Hi, Rose! What a joy it is to be able to take advantage of your great knowledge and love of method to improve my cooking and baking! And maybe even produce some decent Vietnamese baguettes. I live in Central California where there are lots of people from Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos (as well as everywhere else in the world) but I’ve only found flavorless generic vietnamese baguettes.

    And it’s interesting to find that student antics haven’t changed much — some of your stories could be written by my son — about 20 years ago. He’s now an enthusiastic cook himself (a great relief from the day’s teaching) — like any American male his specialty is grilling and barbecue, but he can make his bread machine stand up and do tricks too.

    I hope you’ll be able to keep up your blog for a long, long time.

    Rhonda of the Mountain


  5. Hi Rose,
    I was just wondering around and found your blog. I’m glad I did.
    You’re so young and so much talented !!
    I was wondering did you ever hear of “crossnut”? if you haven’t.. then please check out !!1 you will find something you may like.


  6. Don’t usually like leaving comments on blogs unless I have tried a recipe but wanted to thank you for the simple scientific explanations you have given so we can understand why we would do a particular step. Certainly helps us all understand how a process effects the outcome and we can adapt our own recipes to suit.

    I especially like the trouble you have gone through for the Tang Zhong process (I know what you mean about head hurting when you have to do the maths as I have to say maths is not my favourite or strongest skill).

    Am hoping that you will include some more of your favourite everyday simple meals in your blog.

    By the way if your busy and don’t have much time for cooking I highly recommend you look into pressure cookers as this is currently my favourite cooking instrument (I cook 8 out of 10 meals in my pressure cooker at the moment and my meals repertoire as gone up by 300%).

    Hope all is well

    Take care!!


    • Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for your kind words and advice on the slow cooker, I am super occupied with my work and definitely would like to save some time to blog again.

      Have you tried my Tangzhong formula on your favorite bread recipe? Cannot wait to hear more about it from your oven.



      • Yes. have not used my bread maker for ages so dragged that out and made the adjustments to a recipe in the book. I am thinking that there was not enough liquid (hoping I did the maths right?) so would multiply x 3 for liquid reduction rather than 5?. I ended up adding about 4 tablespoons of water and think it could have used more?

        I was hoping to find a banana “bread” recipe that already had the measurements – so if anyone has done one do post the recipe!!!

        Ps not slow cooker – pressure cooker reduces cooking times to 1/3 so for a 2 hour braise the meal might only take 30-40 minutes to cook!! Also saves a huge amount on power/gas due to reduced cooking time!! Also fantastic flavours as the food is cooked in only a little liquid and there is not a lot of evaporation.

        Take care!!


    • 🙂 Cam on chi gai. Dao nay e cung dang quay cuong vi moi di lam. Cung dang co gang sap xep de viet lai vao 1 ngay k xa. E cam on chi. Hihi, khong viet nhieu nua nhung van hay vao blog chi “hong hot” lam a.


  7. hello rose, really enjoyed your blog. i came across it scouring for banh mi recipes. vietnam, wow, really love the food there. Amazing country, amazing people.
    hope i can try your recipe soon. thank you much!


    • Hi Abraham,

      I am glad you enjoy the blog. If you have any comment or questions on the recipe, please, do ask or raise discussion. I really appreciate it. 🙂

      Good luck with Banh Mi,



  8. Hi Rose,
    My name is Ngoc Anh (Sammy Vu). I am studying in Finland too, in Porvoo, a beautiful small town near Helsinki. By a surprising chance I saw you topic on, I was so glad to find a Vietnamese is doing a very good job in promoting Vietnamese cuisine.
    As for myself, a food lover actually, I was appealled by your passion for food and was thinking if we can be pen pal and exchange our thoughts about food and Vietnamese cuisine.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


  9. According to you ” If you are looking for a fancy food blog with all photoshop-ed bling bling photos of constant 100% guaranteed successful recipes, I assure you that you are in the wrong place. The experience with this blog will not be that smooth ” . I agree with you because my blog does the same way which you said . I like to read your stories so that I can learn some things new . I hope that we can conntact every time as we can . Have a nice day .


    • E cam on chi nhiu nhiu. :* Dung la faraway from home nen sinh ra nhieu cai hobbies “dau kho” cho vong 2 nhu la cooking va baking, chi nhi?

      E thich cach viet nhe nhang, hom hinh cua chi lam a, keep up with great works. 🙂

      Chi cung dang hoc o nc ngoai a?

      e Nhung


    • Da chi, la e het.

      Hihi, ten that cua e la Hong Nhung, ma tai hoc ben Phan Lan cac ban nc ngoai kho doc tieng Viet minh qua nen e co them cai ten tieng Anh la Rose. 🙂 Con EvillyChic la nickname cua e tren mang tu hoi con moi tap toe tham gia cong dong online de xem truyen, doc cong thuc nay no, doc nghe vui vui nen e giu toi gio.


  10. Hi em! blog của em rất công phu và đầy tâm huyết, chị sang chào em một tiếng rồi đi dạo nhà bếp của em nhé


    • Hi Coolnailart,

      I know about your blog when visiting a friend of mine, Modgam. 🙂 And I’ve been hooked. Your nails are like living arts and I get inspired very much by your creative ideas and writing. As my hobbies are baking and cooking, I did not pay much attention to my nails. But with your blogs, maybe I will give them a try sometimes. 😉

      Keep up with good work. And let’s keep in touch. Hope to hear more from your kitchen, and your nails.



  11. Hey Rose, your food blog is definitely amazing, one heck of a kind! Admire your passion, your great food & your wonderful photography skills, gotta learn a lot from you! Really hope our paths with cross some day 🙂 (so far we have one – or two – common things already: cooking & baking ^^)


    • Hi Miu,

      I went across your blog when searching for “banh mi dua cua Bill” :). Today must be one of my lucky day, to meet and make another friend here.

      I saw your blog, and I love to read about your travel adventure. And love your header, too. Those are some skilful photos. Keep up with good work!

      Hope to hear more from your kitchen, and let’s keep in touch!



      • Well, I can’t take credits for those photos in the header, they are just something I stumbled upon & loved so much, gotta learn photography ASAP tho.
        Having a new friend made my day 🙂 Have a good night! Let’s definitely keep in touch & update our beloved kitchen regularly ^^


  12. Thank you for visiting and following my blog:)

    You have a whole lot of food talk in your blog as well… will go through it at leisure for sure. It’s interesting to know that though you are so far away from home it’s your cooking an baking that keeps you far from being alone.


    • Hi Ishita,

      Thank you for your kind words. Your blog is very interesting to me, too.

      And yes, it is cooking and baking that keep me happy and well while being so far away from home.

      Hope to hear more from your kitchen. 🙂



  13. Hi Rose!

    I truly admire your passion for cooking, and all of your detailed & tidy entries about food adventures as well. My admiration even came to the climax when I realize how sotisphicate all of your entries (about foods) are. You really put your heart here – I could feel that – so I put my sincerity here, in this appreciation : ))

    I came here because I firstly thought you subcirbed me because of advertising or something like that : ), since I saw the titles of many entries and I supposed this would be a restaurant’s blog : )).

    Besides, you really inspired me in recreating another blog – English one – to share my views, my works, my blah blah blah with the world. Not because of views or fame, just because this could totally be a great experience and cool place to make friends. I’m going to be oversea soon, so this inspiration really came in time : ))

    I hope we could keep this connection long and longer : )

    Btw, could you tell me what makes you subcirbe me ^^? Merely curious ^^!


    • Hi De Xu,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂 I really appreciate that.

      I just started blogging about 2 weeks ago. Great support like yours is truly an encouragement for me to continue this project. I am also very pleased to become (one of) your inspiration to start an English blog too. 🙂 And yes it is a great idea. I also think that hardly any blog that aims for fame could really reach people’s heart and inspire them, as you said.

      I hope that we keep in close touch too. I did not see you much as a cooking nerd like me visiting your blog. But there are still many more we could share with each other.

      I answered your btw questions in your about. 😉



    • Hi Olbigjim,

      Thank you so much for your kind words.

      The stories you told on your blog are true and touching. I cannot help it. 🙂

      Hope to see more post from your blog too.



      • Awesome blog …love all your pics … you are very creative and certainly deserve the Kreative Blog award …kudos!! You reminds me of me …never had to cook and prevailing circumstances lead me into my kitchen kinda full time and now I’m even blogging my cooking, prompted by my son who always would love for me to share my recipes with him who, like you, is also in University and have to cook all his own meals! Thanks for visiting my blog … a newbie to blogging and still learning!!

        Keep on blogging …. 😉


        • Hi Foodisready,

          Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂 I love and follow your blog because it is full of interesting recipes with very detailed pictures at every step, very appreciated by cooking and baking newbies like your son, me and many others. 🙂 So thank you!

          Cheer to us. And let’s keep in touch.



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