100% Whole-wheat Bread – Weekend Fun with Tangzhong & Semi-Autolyse Method

Baking Diary – Log 21 – 01.03.2014 OK, after a long, long post like the last, I want to go really light this time. So, Rose, what’s for today? 🙂 It gonna be nothing new, just creating and testing a … Continue reading

Revealing the Ultimate Secret to Softer, Fluffier Bread that Stays Fresh for Days – Part 1: My Universal Tangzhong Converting Formula

Baking Diary – Log 15 – 31.10.2012 —This post was written in 31.10.2012 — This Tangzhong serie intentionally includes 2 parts: The Universal Tangzhong Recipe Converting Formula and Examples. This is part 1/2.  UPDATED 09/11/2012: Link to part 2, here. —————————————————- … Continue reading

Adventure to the Mysterious Bánh mì land – Episode 2/2 – My Bánh Mì, a.k.a. Vietnamese Baguette Recipe

Baking diary – log 3 – 28/04/2012 Yesterday, I did a long and pretty informative research about Bánh mì and how we make it originally in Vietnam. Today, as promised, I will describe how I make Bánh mì in my … Continue reading