Croissants and Everything Laminated – How it all began + Lessons and Tips learned – My Croissant Chronicle – Part 2

Baking Diary – Log 8 – 09.05.2012 In the last post, I just technically share with you my recipe and techniques on how to make a croissant: layering yeast dough with butter, rolled and folded several times in succession, then … Continue reading

Croissants and Everything Laminated – My Revised Recipe for Beginners – My Croissant Chronicle – Part 1

Baking Diary – Log 7 – 08.05.2012 Ever heard about bread named “croissant”? No? Wait, NO? REALLY? Are you 100% sure? O.M.G, poor friend, you just miss the one hidden wonder of our world! Get out of the chair, go … Continue reading