Basic Vanilla Soufflé – Take 1 + Some Updates of my Moving and Settling from 19/10 up to Now…

Baking Diary – Log 14 – 19.10 to 31.10.2012 This post was written on and off from 19.10 to 30.10. Therefore, the story will be quite conflicting between the beginning and the end… Keep up with me please! 🙂 Hi … Continue reading

Hey guys, I am back! + When it comes to flans, it might not be the recipe, it is the technique. a.k.a. Mastering the Art of Making the Perfect Flan

Baking Log 12 – 02.10.2012 Hey everyone. Long time no see! It’s Rose, and I am back! >D< Please accept my sincere apologies for not returning early in September as promised in the last post. I did finish writing my thesis … Continue reading

My Croissant Chronicle – Part 3 – And the Journey Continue… – My Collection of Danish Pastries’ Fillings and Shaping

Baking Diary – Log 11 – 19.05.2012 In the previous posts in this blog, you have learned how to laminate your dough. Here is my recipe with detailed instruction pictures at every step, suitable for beginners. Here is the review … Continue reading