Okomiyaki – Japanese Add-All-You-Like Pancake – Goodbye May, and Hello June!

Cooking Diary – Log 15 – 01.06.2014 Hi there, I am just utterly obsessed with Japanese Cuisine these days. It all started 2 weeks ago when I posted my Omurice – Japanese Rice Omelet recipe, and I came to watch the Cooking … Continue reading

Rose’s Easy Version of Vietnamese Sizzling Crepe – Bánh Xèo – Uh oh… I will run out of things to blog soon!

Cooking Diary – Log 14 – 25.05.2014 Hiya all, How have you been all week, I am all ears. Last week was something big on this blog, but let’s go back to our normal routine this week, OK? 😀 So, … Continue reading

My Comeback (yet again, yay) – Final part of Paté Génoise – Branch 1: Butter Cake – My version of Classic Butter Cake – Two-stage vs. Creaming

Baking Diary – Log 18 – 07.06.2013 Hello, I am home. 🙂 Is any body here? It’s been months since my last post. I sincerely apologize for disappearing without any notice. I needed a break from blogging; I could not … Continue reading