Hanoi Street Food Tour, and Other Random Things (Part 1/2) – Another New Section for a Different Woman’s Day

Touring Diary – Log 1 – 08.03.2014 I did not start writing this post until 12pm today. To be completely honest, I really wanted to skip this week (and very nearly did); I was quite drained, physically and mentally. But … Continue reading

Hey guys, I am back! + When it comes to flans, it might not be the recipe, it is the technique. a.k.a. Mastering the Art of Making the Perfect Flan

Baking Log 12 – 02.10.2012 Hey everyone. Long time no see! It’s Rose, and I am back! >D< Please accept my sincere apologies for not returning early in September as promised in the last post. I did finish writing my thesis … Continue reading

The Soybean Saga – Part 1 – Simple Way for Homemade Fresh Soy Milk – How to Milk the Soy Beans

Cooking Diary – Log 8 – 27.05.2012 I am back. 🙂 This time I had been gone for 3 days. Wow! Miss my blog and you guys much. As an apology for my absence, I decide to do another saga … Continue reading