Revealing the Ultimate Secret of Tangzhong – Part 2: Examples of Recipe Conversion + Tangzhong Whole-Wheat Pull-apart Bread + Learn to Bake in Clay Pot

Baking Diary – Log 16 – 09.11.2012 This Tangzhong series intentionally includes two parts: The Universal Tangzhong Recipe Converting Formula and Examples. This is part 2/2.  Link to part 1, here. —————————————————- Hi guys, again, As promised in the previous post, … Continue reading

Basic Vanilla Soufflé – Take 1 + Some Updates of my Moving and Settling from 19/10 up to Now…

Baking Diary – Log 14 – 19.10 to 31.10.2012 This post was written on and off from 19.10 to 30.10. Therefore, the story will be quite conflicting between the beginning and the end… Keep up with me please! 🙂 Hi … Continue reading

Another, yes, another Farewell – My Unsolved Dillemmas – A Reminiscence: My Basic Swiss Rolls

Baking Diary – Log 9 – 12.05.2012 I remember how Long-legs always loved my Swiss Rolls every time I made them. So, this post is my recipe for the basic Swiss Roll cake. The last time I made it was … Continue reading