Untold Tall Tales of Wanderlust, Foreign Lands, and Misadventures – Part 1 – “Be careful with what you wish for… Because you just might get it!”

Dear my faithful (and patient, and kind 😀 ) readers, I’m back, still alive and function-able. Wow, time does have wings, doesn’t it? I cannot believe it has been a month and almost a half since my last post. How … Continue reading

“a” Coffee House Review – 4-Cake Coffee Matching Challenge, a Wedding and other Important Miscellaneous

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{Restaurant Review} En Boga Bistro & Cafe, HCMC, Vietnam

Reviewing Diary – Log 2 – 21.04.2014 I’m home. 🙂 There has been quite a long pause since my last review, so today, let’s continue this food journey! These past 3 weeks, Big Gal and I have scouted some restaurants … Continue reading

There’s a First for Everything – New Section: Restaurant Review – The KAfé, Hanoi, Vietnam

Reviewing Diary – Log 1 – 22.02.2014 Hello there, how have you been all this week? Mine was great, most of its time. 😉 Today I want to start a brand-new section of my blog, dedicated to reviewing restaurants, diners, … Continue reading